Terms of service and use

In summary:

As a participant / user of the Services, I understand and acknowledge that the timing and frequency of the telephone calls and / or SMS messages will vary, depending on the operations and resources at any time. I also understand that the Services or staff may, in their discretion, terminate the Services at any time, for any reason, and that I may terminate my participation in the Services at any time, for any reason. To facilitate assistance, I hereby authorize the Services, staff, employees and / or volunteers to disclose to emergency personnel (law enforcement, healthcare, or fire), or to my emergency contacts, and any medical history that I have provided the Services. I understand that I may revoke this authority at any time by notifying the Services in writing. I understand and recognize that the Services is not conducted by health care professionals, and I further agree that neither the program, nor the individuals conducting the program, will be responsible for providing me with health care services, advice, or medical assessments. I understand that if I have a serious health condition that requires consistent and regular monitoring, I should not rely on the Services for that monitoring.

In consideration of these factors, I hereby agree to release, waive, and discharge the Services, company, owners, staff, officers, employees, volunteers and / or agents from any and all liability to myself the "Care-Checker" or "Care-For", my heirs, dependents and assigns for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages that result from, or are alleged to have resulted from, the participation in the Services, or from any act or omission of the Services, staff, employees or volunteers in connection with this program.