Questions & Answers / FAQ

Why would I need this?
In short, peace of mind.
Most common uses include. Checking in on grandma, checking in on kids to make sure they are home from school, checking in on addicted individuals to make sure they are still with us and attending rehabilitation.
  • Senior living alone. Daily or weekly check in text messages or voice calls can certainly help alleviate fears that your loved one isn't well.
  • Check on your children. Phones are normally not allowed at school. Many parents require their child to leave their phone at home, but still want to feel secure in the fact that their child did get home from school without necessarily being interrupted every day. CareCall.Health can be easily set up to contact your child after school and alert parents only in the event of no response. Children miss the bus, etc?
  • Addicts or state monitored individuals. Carecall.Health can easily be used to keep track of a specific individual. To make sure they are complying with wellness check-ins.
  • The sad or depressed. Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up. Record an encouraging greeting and cheer up their day!
Many many uses. In short, If Check-on gives no response(s) to our scheduled inquiry or responds in a way not requested then the Care-Checker is alerted.

How does CareCall.Health differ from Life Alert ® and other medical alerting systems?
Typically, for those types of alert systems, they are user initiated. The wearer must press a button to alert the service that something is wrong. Which can be difficult if one is unconscious. On the other hand some services have hardware or other sensors (watches, etc) that tracks an individual around their home or anywhere they go via GPS. For those that don't like the idea of an outside service knowing their every movement. CareCall.Health just might be for you. With CareCall.Health, we initiate the check based on your preferences and upon no-response we initiate the wellness check or contact concerned parties. CareCall is also a much cheaper option and can be started in less than 5 minutes (no waiting for shipment of hardware) with only 3 easy steps to get going.

How much does it cost?
For a single check-on, called or texted daily, $9.95 a month. You read that correctly. Only $9.95 a month gives you peace of mind knowing your check-on is monitored and you will be alerted in the event of possible trouble. In addition, we offer a 7 Day Free Trial! No contracts, no credit cards. Try our service for a week before you decide.

Won't my check-on get irritated with calls?
Annoying texts or calls can be burdensome. That's why we offer many communication options. We can start the wellness check-in via a SMS (text) with your customized greeting. Or start the check-in with a call, again with an optional customized greeting or recording of you.

Hearing a loved one's voice or reading a personalized text can be pleasurable.

We offer many scheduling options. If daily is just too much for your check-on, we offer specific dates or specific days of the week options.